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  1. OhO* , something just now must be happening there!

  2. That suddenly and quiveringly here,

  3. Amid the city's noises, I must think

  4. Of mangoes leaning o'er the river's brink,

  5. And dexterous Davie climbing high above,

  6. The gold fruits ebon-speckled1 to remove,

  7. And toss throwing* them quickly carefully* in the tangled mass

  8. Of wis-wis2 twisted round the guinea grass lush and blue and lance-shaped grass* ;

  9. And Cyril coming through the bramble-track

  10. A prize With a big* bunch of bananas on his back;,*

  11. And Georgie Aleck*—none could ever dive like him—

  12. Throwing Getting* his scanty clothes off for a swim;,*

  13. And schoolboys,* from Bridge-tunnel going home,

  14. Watching the waterswater* downward dash and foam.

  15. This is no daytime dream day-dream*, there's something in it,*

  16. Oh   , !* something'sSomething's* happening there this very minute!


Harlem Shadows (1922)

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