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Morning Joy

  1. At night the wide and level stretch of wold1 ,

  2. Which at high noon had basked in quiet gold,

  3. Far as the eye could see was ghostly white;

  4. Dark was the night save for the snow's weird light.

  5. I drew the shades far down, crept into bed;

  6. Hearing the cold wind moaning overhead

  7. Through the sad pines, my soul, catching its pain,

  8. Went sorrowing with it across the plain.

  9. At dawn,# behold! the pall2 of night was gone,#

  10. Save where a few shrubs melancholy, lone,

  11. Detained a fragile part of its# shadow. Golden-lipped

  12. The laughing grasses heaven's sweet wine sipped.

  13. The sun rose smiling o'er the river's breast,

  14. And my soul, by his happy spirit blest,

  15. Soared like a bird to greet him in the sky,#

  16. And drew out of his heart Eternity.


Harlem Shadows (1922)

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