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On Broadway

  1. About me young and careless feet

  2. Linger along the garish street;

  3. Above, a hundred shouting signs

  4. Shed down their bright fantastic glow

  5. Upon the merry crowd and lines

  6. Of moving carriages below.:#

  7. Oh O# wonderful is Broadway—only

  8. My heart, my heart is lonely.

  9. Desire naked, linked with Passion,

  10. Goes strutting by in brazen fashion;

  11. From playhouse, cabaret and inn

  12. The rainbow lights of Broadway blaze

  13. All gayday without, all glad within;

  14. As in a dream I stand and gaze

  15. At Broadway, shining Broadway—only

  16. My heart, my heart is lonely.


Harlem Shadows (1922)

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