The Conqueror

  1. He has battled with Earth:

  2. He has won;

  3. Where once there were desert and dearth,

  4. And jungles untouched by the sun,

  5. Are altar and field and hearth;

  6. He has fought the wild earth,

  7. He has won.

  8. He has conquered the Sea:

  9. Proud he rides

  10. Over the long white waves,

  11. Over the frenzied tides,

  12. Over the unmarked graves

  13. Of creatures that fought as he,

  14. The great Sea.

  15. And he goes through the Air

  16. On wings.

  17. He has won everywhere,

  18. He has under control

  19. Earth, Sea, and Air,

  20. Yea, all things

  21. But his Soul.


Harlem Shadows (1922)

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