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This poem also appears in Cambridge Magazine Summer, 1920 [#] The Lynching Cambridge Magazine Summer, 1920 55 and in Spring in New Hampshire 1920 [] Claude McKay The Lynching Claude McKay Spring in New Hampshire London Grant Richards Ltd. 1920 11 .


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The Lynching

  1. His Spirit spirit# in smoke ascended to high heaven.

  2. His father, by the cruelest cruellest# way of pain,

  3. Had bidden him to his bosom once again;:#

  4. The awful sin remained still unforgiven.

  5. All night a bright and solitary star

  6. (Perchance the one that ever guided him,

  7. Yet gave him up at last to Fate's wild whim)

  8. Hung pitifully o'er the swinging char.

  9. Day dawned, and soon the mixed crowds came to view

  10. The ghastly body swaying in the sun :#

  11. The women thronged to look, but never a one

  12. Showed sorrow in her eyes of steely blue;

  13. And little lads, lynchers that were to be,

  14. Danced round the dreadful thing in fiendish glee.


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